May 2020: Love and Deep Intimacy for Couples

Workshop for COUPLES in love and deep intimacy

May 2 – 10, 2020

For couples and singles. Healing Love Practices Tantric Ritual Work for Solo and for Couples

In the seminar program:

  • Exclusive tantric and Taoist paired practices.
  • Energy attunement before intercourse, joint meditation, rituals in a pair.
  • Massages — healing and erotic. The subtlety of touch awakens sensuality, helps to relax and trust your partner, to let the flow of energy to Wake up.
  • Energy exchange and mutual filling in the steam at new levels, increasing the energy intensity of the steam
  • Taoist exercises to prolong youth, increase libido for men and women.
  • Natural contraception.
  • Stabilization of the menstrual cycle and hormonal background in men, solving problems in pre-menopause and menopause.
  • Preparation for conception, energy attunement. 


We invite all couples of all ages who wish to excite their relationship

About life in love and in the family: health, sexuality, multi-orgasmic, trust in sexual relations; disclosure of femininity and masculinity, conception of children and their birth in goodness. About the art of creation, creativity, happiness — something without which life is not life!


Seminar for couples who have decided: 

  • Trust each other totally and unleash your potential as a couple.
  • Deal with blocks and problems that prevent each individual pair from being closer and happier.
  • Know your sexuality, reveal it and move towards each other.
  • To master tantric and Taoist practices, beautiful erotic rituals for the disclosure of sensuality in yourself and your partner.
  • Greater intimacy, beauty and a new depth of pleasure, bright orgasms and strong attraction to raise the energy level in the pair, to help realize each other, to reach a new level!


In our seminar, we make use of Master Mantak Chia’s Universal Healing Tao practices as well as Tantric musical notes to make a love symphony.

Men can learn the different kisses and erotic massage and different lovemaking positions, knowledge for healthy contraception and a healthy spiritual conception. Men will separate ejaculation and orgasm.

Women discover their orgasmic energy and how to circulate it during meditation and making love. For this she learns beautiful ovarian breathing, upward draw for contraception and during menopause and after.

We use sexual rituals that support deeper intimacy through the yantra, mantra and tantra. The individual or couple learn and prepare body, mind and spirit for the ritual in their intimate space.


Back to the Body Wisdom.

The beginning of all self-healing practices is with the Cosmic Inner Smile. By turning the loving, caring smile inward to the body’s organs we begin a profound transformation of physical and emotional stress into a more vital energy. Smile sincerely to the heart and fill the heart with your love. Smile to your sexuality. Before you share your microcosmic orbit with your partner make contact between your heart and your loved one’s heart. Send this loving attention to your Secret Gate and your Million Dollar point. Let energy flow like melting honey. Give compassion to your loving relationship. Smile to her sexual body and love, smile to his sexual body and love. Be open and let the love flow heart to heart.


Participant please contact: 

083-940-1076 (from outside of Thailand: 66-83-940-1076)

088-734-2003 (from outside of Thailand: 66-88-734-2003)


About Marina and Colin:


Marina Dadasheva-Drown is a spiritual midwife delivering water babies. Certified Tao Instructor, Yoga teacher and mother. She has many years of teaching experience. Tantric teacher. Rebirthing specialist. 






Colin Drown, Certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor.   Healing Love, meditation, Chi Kung. Tantric teacher for singles and couples. Vivation sessions.



Participant please contact: 

083-940-1076 (from outside of Thailand: 66-83-940-1076)

088-734-2003 (from outside of Thailand: 66-88-734-2003)