Shopping for a newborn

When a couple prepares for childbirth they need to be firm and stable about such major decisions like choice of midwife, choice of birth place, father’s participation in the process. This requires spiritual, emotional and financial wealth (strength).

Birth (first-aid) kit and shopping for a newborn

Another important stage of preparation is to go together to a pharmacy, to the market and to the baby-shop to buy everything necessary for the big event.

Birth (first-aid) kit

Shopping list for a chemist’s shop:

  1. an enema kit as well as an enema syringe
  2. disposable gloves
  3. a small hot water bottle
  4. castor oil – 5 bottles
  5. mummy
  6. antiseptic wipes
  7. mid size role of gauze
  8. hydrogen  peroxide – 1 bottle
  9. propolis that has been aged in alcohol  – 1 bottle
  10. calendula=1 bottle
  11. manganese solution – 1 bottle
  12. gel and ointment solcoseril or jelly of vivaton
  13. gauze (cheesecloth) and scissors to cut it
  14. oilcloth (plastic) to cover a bed
  15. disposable diapers
  16. 2 diapers for adults (and smile about it)
  17. suture material and a 1.5-2 cm needle with absorbable suture – in case you have not prepared enough your sexual muscles for the delivery

In the herb shop please take roots of valerian (Valeriana L.) and motherwort (Leonurus L.), herb of milfoil (Achillea L.) and nettle (Urtica L.), berries of rose hip (or rose haw) (Rose L.).

At the market you should buy honey, walnuts, cedar nuts, other nuts and dried fruit you like.

For the moment of birth it’s good to have at home some chocolate with nuts and raisins, almonds in honey, good tea, fruits of the mother’s liking, freshly made food to eat after birth (can be prepared during the delivery process), dry red wine to make grog and Champagne for the celebration.

What to buy for mom and newborn baby

Shopping list for a market or baby-shop

  1. bowl to be used as a toilet (better buy a number of bowls – one for every room)
  2. refrigerator plastic box father’s palm size (for placenta)
  3. additional cushions to support knees during labour
  4. little round trampoline
  5. “kangaroo” rucksack for carrying baby
  6. a pare of nappies from natural material (warm and no-warm)
  7. several diapers made from gauze (cheesecloth)  (can sew yourself)
  8. cotton (flannel) blanket
  9. one set of clothes to go outside according to the season the rings or parallel bars (better to fix in advance)
  10. chair with elbow rests to use during nursing
  11. water bucket and dipper for dousing with cold water

You can buy jumpers in advance  or make them yourselves.

Sew  stirrups on the “kangaroo” rucksack. A sling for every day use is a long one without a ring, made of natural cloth, suitable to support baby in a vertical position with legs apart resting upon his soles.

Your can order via Internet a bolster for breastfeeding (it’s a round sausage-like pillow).

These things are to train the baby, not only for father’s and mother’s comfort.

Useless stuff for mother and newborn baby – DO NOT BUY!

Most of the things imposed by relatives and colleagues are absolutely useless for mother and the newborn child. Among such stuff are:

  1. baby’s bath
  2. mat to play in position lying on back
  3. baby’s bootees and gloves
  4. Walkers with wheels
  5. clumsy baby carriage (perambulator, pram, stroller)
  6. baby’s bed (you won’t need it from the beginning as the baby sleeps together with parents from mother’s side embraced by father or lying on parents’ bellies)
  7. devices to sterilize bottles
  8. baby’s scale (weighing device)
  9.   breast-pump
  10. a lot of baby’s loose jackets, caps and panties  (first, the baby is naked most of the time)
  11. chairs for reclining position and other devices to immobilize the baby

The best solution is to ask your friends and parents to join together and present you a home gymnasium. It can be ordered via Internet or bought in a sport shop.

A baby will need good music, songs and fairy tales told by parents, rattles (toys) made by parents from wood, grains, natural threads and other kinds (with good energy) materials.

Parents will need developing / progressive / advanced books, pencils, paints, simple paper and musical instruments. You should have some “Pillow-books” to develop sexual skills and embrace each other instead of arguing and the book of prayers to read together and find a rest from problems.

We wish you all the best on your way to happy conscious parenting with required preparation, courage and confidence!

Written by Marina Dadasheva-Drown