Preparation for birth

39Please send us information about yourself answering these questions. We need this information for an individual approach to your situation.

1. Is this pregnancy desired or accidental? How long are you pregnant? What is the expected childbirth date? If you are uncertain about it, write the date of the first day of the last menstruation, how many days usually pass between menses and the date of the full moon in the month you are going to deliver.

2. If you know your zodiac try to identify your temper and dosha. This is useful information, but not required.

3. It’s important to ask your parents about details of your own birth. Were there any stimulations,  epidural , episiotomy or other unnatural operations applied?

4. Have you ever had abortions, miscarriage, infections or diseases?

5. Is your life-style active or passive? What are your hobbies and interests? Are you psychic?

6. How can you help to develop the idea of natural birth and conscious parenting?

The level (quality) of readiness for childbirth determines how natural, how beautiful and also how expensive it will be.
We assure you that any of these won’t be a reason to deny possibility of natural birth for you.The complete and fair information is necessary for better preparation. We keep all private information confidential – it’s the ethic code of our profession.

47Preparation for birth is more efficient if started not immediately before the delivery but at the beginning of pregnancy. Preparation can be planned together with a midwife or during a seminar, so all the training can become a part of everyday life of a pregnant couple or mother if she’s single.

Precondition: you should negotiate with us in advance by Skype, phone or e-mail. Our consent and agreed terms of co-operation must be fixed in correspondence (e-mail).