Dear friends) Please be maximum ready for this material accountability. It so impormant  for safe clarity between us))  And to be more closer for Conscious Parenting

Compensation our work:

 For preparation, birth and after birth (one week) = USD $3,000. (Half due before preparation and half due after birth)

please use Western Union system for the name  Marina Dadasheva, Thailand/
  Preparation for the birth must be for sure ! :)   


The things what you need to bring

Accomodation. Food. Transport.


If the midwife is invited to another country, the couple is responsible for her travel expenses, board and lodging, and they must pay a fee for her work – preparation for birth and delivery.

Terms of payment (advance, timed payments) are negotiable.

If you have some questions please write us marinamidwife@hotmail.com

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