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Water birth is an incredible experience for both parents and baby, and enables your baby to transition into new life with gentleness and ease. In this way birth can be a joyous process – a celebration of life.

Marina Dadasheva-Drown is a spiritual midwife who specializes in natural births, home water births with over 25 years of experience. She and her family are based in the beautiful countryside of Northern Thailand. A pioneer in her field, she teaches the “Russian Method” also known as the “Charkovskiy Method” and has attended hundreds of births worldwide.

Marina prepares parents for childbirth, teaches the parents baby swimming, baby yoga and dynamic gymnastics for babies. This can be on site at Marina’s center or in the comfort of your own home.


“The home water birth has a very special atmosphere, where parents can connect with each other as well as the baby throughout their entire experience.”

Marina also teaches Taoist and tantric practices and workshops for couples with her husband, Colin Drown. These workshops are for couples who have children, want children, or people who just want to learn some good life practices.

Some benefits of natural water birth

  • Increased mobility and comfort for mother and baby.
  • Ability to be in control of the baby’s descent into life.
  • The water environment alleviates pain.
  • The baby’s transition into life is easier as its home for nine months has been water.
  • The mother freedom to move and change position during birth.
  • Water promotes deep relaxation. Birth becomes a rhythmic dance of love.
  • The father takes an active role in tantric water births. The root of the word tantra means to weave or continue.
  • Deep family bonding.

Before you start negotiations please make a plan of preparation for pregnancy or for birth: choose the place – ask for advice from your future baby or imagine him or her in your belly; make sure that you are ready to take upon yourselves the responsibility for the process and be fully certain in your choice of the midwife.

One of the things that make you certain is financial well-being. If you are not very rich, try to plan the event in advance, save money for some time. 

Vegetarian food, Yoga and Chi-Kung would help you to firm your will. Avoid unnecessary trips, try to walk more, use a bicycle and go skiing in winter. Save your time and nerves – don’t visit hospitals! All the tests can be done just once. And never subject yourself and the baby to ultrasound. For this period eating at home is preferable to eating out. Meet with your friends in calm natural environment and it’s better to communicate only with those who support you.

Don’t disturb your parents by discussing your plans if it’s not them who inspired your idea of homebirth or sea-birth. Keep them unaware about real date of birth. You may give them a later date; a gentle homebirth of their grand-children will be a pleasant surprise for them.

Don’t invite to the childbirth unnecessary people, especially those who have not experienced water-birth themselves. Delivery is an intimate process almost like conception.

You must trust your midwife 100%, listen to her advice but do not shift your responsibility onto her. She is a teacher and helper and she is not supposed to replace parents for your child. Her task is to guide you into your parenting and mastering breast feeding, culture of sexual relations and practices that strengthen immunity, support physical health, emotional stability and increase spiritual potential.


May the light and love be with you in your parenting and prosperity in all the aspects of your life!