Rebirthing, its Origins and Varieties

We have a cellular memory of life in the womb when we were being nurtured by our mother’s energy and material. When we sucked our fingers we got small doses of oxygen and water. Our noses breathed the fluid and the umbilical cord brought us oxygen from the mother and took away the carbon dioxide. As we were born through the birth canal the fluid in our lungs and nasal passages got “squeezed” out and so we were prepared for the first breaths.
Thumb sucking has a positive effect on the psyche of the child; it helps the child to cope with the echoes of parental stress in his post embryonic life. It has an effect on microcosmic processes. Some of them are related to integration, that is the bringing together of disparate imprinting. An example is the level of information from the intrauterine imprinting of external influences on the child’s life. These influences and etched cellular memories, genetic and reincarnation blend into a single entity that contributes to the formation of individual personality traits, brain development and stabilization of the nervous system. Thus the art of the aqueous regenerating process without hyperventilation was imprinted in our perinatal level of our cellular memory.
On the day of my first meeting with the founder of aqueous regeneration, Igor Borisovich Charkovsky I took my first conscious water process. It was May, 1988.July of the same year was marked with the practice of Rebirthing for healthy families. There were the opportunities to take Rebirthing sessions as well as learn how to assist others with Rebirthing.

Three teachers worked with me at this busy time of many children full of concerns and fascination for life. My son was at my breast and his sister, my daughter was inside me and the “father” of water birth with a full set of practices called the Russian Method began teaching.
And so I joined the club Healthy Family. It was remarkable how the atmosphere of enthusiasm, love and trust prepared me to enter into this process. Igor Borisovich listened to me and read my aura. He then put in my arms a girl of nine months. She and I breathed in unison and then occurred what some call a miracle (magic): For the first time since birth the little girl took her mother’s breast and the breast filled with milk and their reuniting process began. I dove with the children and upon returning home I felt that something had happened: my feeling of toxicity disappeared along with the fatigue and there arose in me a new enthusiasm for life.

Since I began spending time doing Rebirthing this enthusiasm has become my permanent state. Rebirthing teaches discipline, self-respect and responsibility in the area of communication. My morning generally starts with 10-15 minute respiratory process in the bath or pool. Then there is the Chi self-massage and Smiling Deer exercise.
At the first training sessions we were all a spiritual midwife club. There were others. We were playing many instruments, dancing, practicing yoga together with the children. There were births of Indigo children. The water enthusiasts were Rebirthing in the water.
We continued with Rebirthing sharing it with our leaders from abroad Sondra Ray and Rimma Beff Star – American new agers using the philosophical doctrine of Babji and Sondra wrote a book about their experiences with affirmations combined with breathing techniques. In a joint endeavor with us they learned not only of how to do Rebirthing with pregnant women but also the need to involve the husbands in the process.
Initially we used the Stanislov Groff method using holotropic breathing as well as experimenting with other specialists from a mélange of techniques emphasizing inhalation and exhalation. We did so many sessions using hyper ventilation with the mind focusing on the breath and we did the opposite. We discovered a more gentle way with a sufficient impact on the subconscious through a focus on the inhalation. The main attributes were muscular relaxation, circular breathing without a pause between breathing in and breathing out. We continued paying attention to bodily sensations, changes in the frequency and duration of inhalation, awareness and ecstacy.
All three “Rebirthing” schools Russian Rebirthing, holotropic breathing and Vivation formulated five similar principles required to experience the techniques successfully.
Jim Leonard, the creator of Vivation, and his wife Ann Leonard worked wonderfully with pregnant women and nursing mothers. I had many long sessions with Ann where I breathed underwater through a snorkel. I really appreciated their intelligence and their support through touch and words. Jim taught me how to guide People through The different types of Vivation.

I worked with Jim Leonard in Italy at the Internatioal Symposium for Vivation Professionals. There I made a film which is useful while working with pregnant women. The film was a birthday gift to Jim. The music and beauty of the Italian villages of Poggibonsi and San Gimignano create a supportive atmosphere for expectant mothers. Preparation helps the creativity of conception, pregnancy and birth.
Music accompanied many Vivation sessions depending on the group and the venue. We used the various Rebirthing techniques in the summer expeditions carried out in the Black Sea. There were births in the Sea at the foot of Mount Mangup. These are holy sources where we breathed and gave birth in the cold water. We were under the mountains breathing the sounds of the ocean waves, waterfalls, bird song and children’s games.
Underwater training with snorkels became increasingly popular in the Vivation school. Phil Laut, Jeannie Miller and Colin Drown offered many interesting breathing sessions throughout Russia. These included laying down sessions, Eyegaze Vivation, Vivation in Action as well as cold, warm and hot water sessions.
We conducted these sessions in the international annual conferences in the suburban village Taraskova. Galina and Sergey Vsesvyatskaya Shibaeva were enthusiastic respiratory researchers, beautiful and chaste as the spring nature surrounding us.
We had some sessions in a cold stream guided by Vivation and Rebirthing professionals who led us with suggestions and later warm blankets on the beach, as well as massages and soft words. These cold water sessions have a very strong impact on one’s fear of death, abandonment and loneliness. There was stiffness of the body, the cold and the feeling of helplessness and unpredictability. This is kind of like the state of the baby after a cesarean section; some of the guides were born via the “upper path” (cesarean section).
Such processes are very helpful to cope with the trauma of birth and can support the transformation of negative into positive transmission to children at the level of cellular memory.
I worked in Australia in a tantric community with parents of children with autism. I used warm water to maximize relaxation through the emotional and physical body of the parents allowing the children the opportunity to experience a second natural birth through an intuitive inclusion into the reintegrative process.
Then the parents dived gently with the toddlers securing the benefits of the water for a soft rebirth. The work was difficult. Parents who had been subjected to violence in childhood passed the the unspoken memory trauma on to their children. Now both parents and children were deep in the healing.
Some courageous parents there continue the “Russian Method´ of healing and use these techniques for children with birth problems.
These experiences have been documented in the Russian journal, “Home Child”.
Nineteen years ago I started rebirthing with the children. My two-year-old son along with our friend George Gamberoheld an extraordinary “eye-to-eye” session. The process lasted two hours with adults and children participating. We whispered the magic words, “ I love you, I love you” over and over.
What else can be said about Rebirthing? Come to us and experience for yourself.
Rebirthing helps planetary compassion and looking to the future of our children, children without birth defects.
 With respect to the planetary breath,
Marina Campbell Prigoda Dadasheva- Drown,