Father participation at the delivery


It is very important when a man loves entering into the mysteries of cosmic births. Love is flowing from the moment of conception to the sacredness of birth. Divine power helps us through this process – for three beings, for those who are participants in the conception. Awareness of conception, preparation for it is the gateway to the miracle of pregnancy, a stream of harmonization, flowing into the sea of love, which carries the partners and children.

Divine power further reunites and harmonizes the couple into the birth. At delivery the husband-father is as necessary as in the conception. Childbirth is the apotheosis of sexuality, the ultimate reunification of the participants; birth is an ecstatic expression of love with knowledge of the divine presence.


 The man is stroking and caressing her loving and lovely breasts and the fruit of their mutual highest creativity-the little god, this child. The child lovingly provides for a reunion with those who called on him in this world.

The father is needed in labor to be the paternal husband-lover. The lover needs a woman in labor to confirm, to consolidate the connection between heaven and earth; for ecstasy, for assistance, to separate the brightest joys and the most conscious of happiness, for compassion and creativity.