Conscious Parenting

Conscious Parenting - Marina Dadasheva and Colin Drown

My children gave me a lot of knowledge about awareness. The first acquaintance with motherhood comes when a person goes through 9 months of conscious life in the mother’s womb. Conscious Pregnancy and love for the child makes him respond to the feelings of the mother. He understands his responsibility for the birth and struggles to help the mother give birth to him without injury, and in harmony.

This lays the foundations of a reunion between childhood and parenting. Mom is responsible for the birth process and for her love in the beauty of the birth process.

Spiritual Midwifery is a form of healing which helps the couple understand the profound responsibility before God, the universe and our planet Earth. She provides support for the appeal of the child calling mother and father to the work of parenting.

It is very important that the earth has only welcome children. This woman and man should be responsible for their actions. We, as teachers for preparing for childbirth give Tao of Love and Tantra. This includes harmonization of sexual relations, entry into a space of love with the healing breath, healthy eating and responsibility for their actions. We train a couple of love to heal the body, using the ancient Indian rituals and sacred Taoist practice from the time of the Yellow Emperor.Alex_Grey-Holy_Family1

Opening channels, acupuncture, knowledge about the five elements, planets, solar and lunar energy is used in meditation conducted in our center in the mountains of Thailand, in the Moscow clubs. People everywhere love children and we are trying to welcome the children in good health.

The beginning of a human being is the preparation for parenthood in the womb of the mother. Mom gives a daughter an egg while still pregnant. The son’s mother gives the first impression of femininity, sexual love, when the boy goes through her birth canal. The nature of parenting is associated with the orgasmic, with the raising of kundalini, the integration of people as individuals. All this is laid out, exposed at the time of birth. Born, the child feels love and orgasm.

Space gives him entry into this channel. Parents love their situation. We give the pair an opportunity to continue beyond birth. Continuing to be a harmonious parent allows partners to become better lovers. This because the energy gained in sexual love is transforming not only their own health, but also give the creative energy of love to their child, protecting its bio-field and entering it into the space of its harmony.

This gives a pair to be divided after the birth and become more passionate adherents. These parents are not afraid to cross the ocean with a child, to climb the Himalayas, to be active participants in the harmonization of life on our planet.

What do you need to do this? Only LOVE!

Written by Marina Dadasheva-Drown