About Wisdom teeth


Unfortunately we did not get any points of view on the wisdom teeth from physicians and healers! Many thanks to those who responded and described this experience! My point is, all of our physical body is associated with neuro endocrine, nervous and transcendent systems! The interaction of our spiritual potential with the physical potential, builds not only our destiny and incarnation steps, but weaves his and her family tree. 

Every painful blow to the physical and emotional body of a teenager goes by with consequences and pain (as in childbirth) gives relief and a positive outcome. With birth there are wonderful sensations as well as experiences of fetal suffering. 


During puberty in our children we see all their perceptions are very sensitive and more explosive  and the world around is very aggravated and every injury turns into stress (with which we are coping for a lifetime!) The name “wisdom” teeth already gives us a sign of how important they are? Our expertise, ingenuity, works with the ego and independence; the urge for independence and their own rooting includes new breathing for children, boys and girls, not simply men and women as mothers and fathers (often wisdom teeth erupt in women during pregnancy or during feeding time). 

Teeth respond to our living this incarnation, our achievements, and a helluva lot of injuries, taking on  pain for themselves and begin to break down. That’s when they can be removed as with an inflamed appendix or a wart. What makes our medicine and parental mentality? Maybe now someone from that caste of “experts” will answer this simple question! Next 

topic, wisdom teeth and becoming sexual.The priority for parents and doctors is the nature of biochemical and transcendental tasks of the body.

Teeth take our pain and compassion. Physically and chemically the levels of calcium, iron and potassium go down, and then the teeth rot. Now they must be removed and the lesson must be internalized. 

The doctor likes to cut the umbilical cord before the placental pulse stops beating. The dentist cuts out all the wisdom teeth (in one operation) from teenagers before the teeth have finished growing.   Only some umbilical cords have a parental knot but it is easier to understand without cutting. it is  And not all teeth rot during growth. The teeth as well as the umbilical cord are influenced by the actions of parents, while the children become independent on a bio energetic level! I apologize for this point of view to those who do not trust either God or science.