A Birth story

Here’s a walking pregnant woman story. It took place in a deep north winter city. Marina and Colin were teaching a weeklong basic Universal Tao course. Every afternoon a group of thirty students would meet and practice the Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, the Microcosmic Orbit, and Chi Kung; then they’d learn about Healing Love, the sexual practices. There were several pregnant women present and two of them were very pregnant. They were both new to meditation and esoteric exercises but they had heard of Marina’s spiritual midwifery work and trusted her. Near the end of the week they asked, “When are you leaving town? What time does your train leave?” They asked because their due dates were at hand.


This is Yekaterina’s story.

Her husband was in prison and she lived with her parents. Her parents barely tolerated her situation and were not at all happy that she was spending money on a week of who-knows-what lessons with these weird foreigners. It was her first pregnancy and she was determined to have the birth with Marina. We were staying with a couple and their child in their sixth floor apartment. During a previous visit they’d had their first child at home in the family tub with us assisting. They are very nice people and seeing them again was a delight. We’d sit and he’d play guitar and the two of them would sing so sweetly. It was the last day of a good week’s work and we had finished the evening meal and our host excused himself to go down to the shop for a bottle of wine. However, in just a few moments he was back with Yeketerina. He’d found her pacing up and down in front of the building in the snowstorm. The intercom and doorbell were out of order and she simply walked until someone would use the building’s entrance. We massaged her to warm her up and she sipped strong, hot tea. She’d left home against her parents’ wishes; they wanted her in the hospital because her water had broken. So she walked two kilometers through the snow to be with us! “I walk everywhere! The taxi drivers are thieves and the walking is good for me. I think things out and try to forget my troubles.” She was just over six feet tall and strong from her walking habit. In fact we’d noticed during the course that she was a natural at Chi Kung; she could easily root and could not be pushed out of her root.

Our hosts were instantly welcoming her and reassuring her that she could have her baby in their tub where their son was born. And that’s just what she did! The labor was several hours and she was so centered and present and willing to do whatever was asked of her. She spent a lot of time in the Horse Stance that you’re going to learn, and she squatted a good bit. Marina had her ‘diving’ in the tub so as to be able to control the strong sensations that come before birth; it becomes a sort of meditation in the water.

At dawn she was stretched out comfortably on the divan in the kitchen with her new son after a baby yoga and swimming the baby session. We had toasted the birth with champagne and now Yekaterina was sipping a hot wine and honey brew to ‘build the blood’ and renew her strength. The windows were full of frost but the sunrise shone through and to make a happy conclusion her mother and father arrived and after a moment of awkwardness they held her hands and stroked their grandson. Our host family had insisted on notifying them and getting them to their daughter and grandchild. “Otherwise they will all feel terrible and anyone can see that they love one another in spite of their differences and troubles!”

Oh yes, that other very pregnant woman phoned later in the morning and her labor was beginning. This was also her first pregnancy and there was no man in her life. Her sister was present and it was an easy delivery because she was strong and her attitude was quite good. “A man! Who needs that problem! My child will be very happy with me, my sister and my mother.” And then we caught our train.

We tell you the stories of these beautiful women to encourage you to be even more positive and to walk even more and to spend some time squatting everyday.