Love and Wisdom

  • Where: Vedic Valley, Morjim, Goa, India
  • Cost, including board and lodging, US $800 for individual, US $1600 for couple.
  • Registration: colindrown @, marinamidwife @ or

    by phone in India8888549807, 909-662-4887, +436644848231 astro.anand @

Vedic Valley is a beautiful Ashram between the jungle and the sea.Here we can chant healing mantras at the altar of Ganesh for mother earth, the universe and all of humanity.

Couple seminar  Love and Wisdom

Young Brahmin Anand and his wife Akasha and daughter will give us much information about Vedic culture and Ayurvedic healing. At the same time you can practice yoga asanas with special breathing and meditation.

You can combine this beautiful knowledge with Tantric Rituals and Universal Tao Healing Love practices. Your instructors are a Russian – American couple: Colin Campbell Drown and Marina Dadasheva-Drown.

The goal of this work is to integrate the sexual life of the couple in a healthy way into the family.

How to maintain the excitement and passion after becoming mother and father.

How to keep the best part of our cultures whether Indian, Russian, European, Asian anywhere on our planet earth.

How to put this cultural wealth into our daily lives with work, school, politics, religion and government. Politics and government have their aims and we as wives, husbands, mothers and fathers have our wishes for our relationships and our children.

This seminar is for people who want to keep love in their couples and in their families, cultivating mother and father energy. If you are concerned for you and your family’s physical, emotional and spiritual health come to Love and Wisdom at Vedic Valley this Christmas!

Love and wisdom - couple retreat in Goa, IndiaLove and wisdom - couple retreat in Goa, India

Content of the retreat “Love and Wisdom”

  • Yantra, Mantra, Tantra
  • Natural Conception and contraception
  • Tantric Rituals for couples
  • Self-healing and Chi self massage
  • Inner Smile Meditation
  • Six Healing Sounds
  • Couple yoga
  • Chi Kung and Tai Chi
  • Healthy practices for uterus and ovaries – prostate and testicles
  • Smiling Deer exercise
  • Waterbirth with dolphin support (real and meditation)
  • Rebirthing
  • Vivation
  • Healthy breathing
  • Healthy nutrition in the Vedic way and Tao way
  • Mantra, Yantra and laughing yoga for health
  • Swimming the baby
  • Baby yoga
  • Dynamic gymnastics for baby with mother and father
  • What we know about Indigo children and Crystal babies.

During the seminar there will be vegetarian Vedic food, beautiful surroundings and stimulating company. Come join us for Healthy, Spiritual Fun at Vedic Valley.

Love and wisdom - couple retreat in Goa, India