Couple Healing Dance of Love


  • Where: At Tao Garden near our home in Chiang Mai and in the beautiful mountain setting of Chang Dao here in Thailand
  • Cost, including board and lodging, US $2000 for couple
  • Registration: reservation @

For Couples Only

Content of the retreat “Couple Healing Dance of Love”

  • Circle Ritual: Open Hearts, Rooting, Pledging our Time together.
  • Introductions: Who we are. What are our goals.
  • Melting Hug: a ritual embrace using elements of Chi Kung and the Tantric tradition  Starting Healing Love Practice
  • Horse Stance: Basic Chi Kung position, Rooting and Centering
  • Inner Feng Shui for couples
  • White Tiger and Green Dragon: Warrior woman and Warrior man; love is fighting and harmony
  • Smiling Deer Exercise: Once a closely guarded secret; an excellent, loving health practice
  • Inner Smile and Six Healing Sounds: These are the Beginning and Ending Practices
  • Men and Million Dollar Point: Prostate
  • Yantra, Tantra, and Mantra
  • Elements 8 Nature Forces
  • Sexual Rituals
  • Couple Yoga
  • Yoga with Children
  • Integration through Rebirthing, Vivation and Free Breathing
  • Couple Healing Massage
  • Tao Yin Yoga, Monkey Massage, and Reiki Channel
  • Tantric Sacraments connecting the Lovers with the Elements
  • Marina’s World: Spiritual Midwifery and Healthy, Happy Family Life