Jul 1-9 Cyprus

Jul 1-9, Cyprus. “About love”…


It’s a great opportunity to spend some unforgettable days of your holidays next to the warmest Mediterenian sea and to get the precious experience of participating in the seminar. 

We address this participation mostly to the couples, to participate together with their partners, to develop their feelings to each other, to add brightness and new sparkles to their intimacy. Love in family and relations.

Also we invite couples who are thinking of having a baby, how to establish the start of this miracle event to give a life! Also those who are facing some difficulties on this way. The masters have the rich and successful many years experience to help with the start of the pregnancy. Also this seminar is for the ladies, gentlemen to develop their sexuality, to improve their health. 

Marina Dadasheva-Drown is 65, spiritual midwife, pioneer of water birth in USSR, 
through 30 years of experience gave more then 3000 mild natural birth to the water, teacher 
of tantra, rebirthing practices.

Colin Drown is 73, husband of Marina, having years of experience in teaching Dao, tantra, 
he is one of the teachers in Mantek Chia’s Centre “Tao Garden”. 

Apart from the classes, practices, exercises we are going to have some cultural, sight seeing program.
Seminar Program

- Tantra and Healing Love
- Dao
- Tai Chi
- Sexual Reflexology 
- Lotus Water Birth

Early Booking
€500 for single €750 for couple

Accommodation prices start from €50/night per studio. 
The studios are situated next to
the shore of the meditteranean sea.

The flights from Moscow to Larnaca 
starts from €200 per person roundtrip.