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Marina (Prigoda) Dadasheva-Drown


Marina Prigoda Dadasheva-Drown was born and raised in Baku the capital city of Azerbaijan. In Marina flows the blood of the Don Cossacks, Iran, Ukraine and Gypsy. She believes that women live and progress in their love and the most manifested love is love for the child and his father.

Marina has been a theater journalist and a University professor of foreign literature. She is an experienced instructor of Fire Yoga, Reiki, Vivation and Rebirthing, Holotropic Breathing, Couple Counseling, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Healing Love Practices, and Tantric Rituals.

Marina is the mother of eleven children and the grandmother of eleven. With the birth of her seventh child she began assisting other women with their births. Her meeting with Igor Borisovich Charkovskiy confirmed her future as spiritual midwife delivering babies in the waters of Mother Earth both at home and births out in nature. She was and is instrumental in developing Baby Yoga, Dynamic Gymnastics for Baby and Swimming the Baby for the newborn at the time of birth.

Fate brings Marina together with wonderful artists of life. She calls them magicians, and learns from them this art. It develops a metaphysical and sacredbirth at home and oceanic, water birth. Sometimes Marina works in intensive care in clinics and hospitals with infants and parents.

She is the co-creator with Igor Borisovich Charkovskiy pioneer of water birth helps in this aspect. Marina has fused the “Russian Method” (Charkovskiy’s Method) with her vast experience in Tantra, Tao and Yoga. The resulting work is a wonderful preparation for a Happy and Healthy birth for Mother and Baby.

Marina teaches women the art of love-notes of love and to be master being loved. This ancient creativity, mother may give birth to a worthy son or daughter, gently, quickly and with orgasmic energy delivery Cosmic Mother.


 Colin Campbell Drown

59Colin Campbell Drown was born in Vermont family farm land. Colin is the eldest of three children. The younger sisters graduated from college. Colin tried a different specialty. He likes swimming with the kids, and worked in rehabilitation centers with alcoholics and difficult adolescents. He was fascinated by different non-traditional techniques: breathing techniques, nutrition, Urine therapy, Tao, Tantra and then – marriage, a difficult birth of their daughter and moving to Italy.

He taught in Montessori schools. He has cooperated in many European centers of free breathing, joint training with the founder of Vivation – Jim Leonard, facilitating travel for many countries in Europe, and learning with Taoist Master Mantak Chia. A lot of time and effort was given to the center of the Taoist practices Tao Garden, together with the master Mantak Chia.

Vivation and Tao in a new partnership have resulted in Russia – seminars and trainings, traveling across Siberia. At one of the trainings in Moscow, Marina and Colin met. Eyegaze Vivation was the beginning of their joint creative work, which lasts for more than 15 years.

This community of children and promote their teaching. Grandchildren born with the involvement of grandparents maintain the tradition of spiritual midwifery and the Russian method, with its home water birth, diving, baby yoga and dynamic exercises.

Marina and Colin

Marina and Colin are happy to share with all who are learning love. They respond to all invitations and do not abandon the most difficult situations that accompany fertility, pregnancy and childbirth. They continue to learn and help the kids in a home birth.

arina Dadasheva and Colin Drown with childrenMarina Dadasheva and Colin Drown with kids